Getting your child regular dental care is extremely important for their health and development, but it can also get expensive very quickly. Routine dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, and other preventive services add up, even when there are no major issues. For families without dental insurance coverage, these routine costs can become a real burden.

Even if you have dental insurance, there might be restrictions to getting the dental care your child needs, such as waiting periods and hidden fees. As a result, many will skip regular visits or preventive care, which can allow more expensive problems to develop.

Fortunately, there are options to make routine dental care for your children more affordable, including dental savings plans.

Dental Savings Plan Benefits

Dental savings plans offer an alternative to traditional dental insurance. Instead of paying insurance premiums, patients pay a lower membership fee directly to a dental practice or dental savings company.

In exchange, they receive discounted rates on services from dentists within the savings network. One such plan is the Cavity-Free VIP program offered by Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry.

In many ways, dental savings programs provide benefits that insurance companies can’t compete with, such as:

Lower Cost

The premium for dental savings plans is lower than out-of-pocket dental care costs and simpler and more cost-effective than complicated, limited dental insurance.

Most dental insurance plans don’t actually supply full coverage for certain necessary dental procedures. They often implement an annual maximum coverage of only $1000-1500 towards your dental care.

With dental savings plans, for just one annual fee, your child will be able to receive a wider range of dental care or treatment.

For example, our Cavity-Free VIP program provides the following services annually to our young members:

  • 2 comprehensive oral exams
  • 2 cleanings with fluoride treatment
  • Periodic X-rays (4 per year)
  • One problem-focused dental exam
  • 15% off any needed dental treatment
  • Discounted premiums for siblings

Flexible Care Customized for Your Child

The other immediate benefit of a dental savings program is how flexible your child’s care can be.

Oftentimes, insurance companies impose restrictions on the type of treatment that the pediatric dentist can provide, while a dental savings plan allows your child’s dentist to tailor their care to your child’s specific needs, whatever they may be.

Where dental insurance tries to take control from your dentist, a dental savings program allows for freedom to meet the patient’s care goals.

Simplicity and Transparency

Even the best insurance with the cheapest premiums can be mind-bendingly complicated. With activation fees, waiting periods, deductibles, and other hidden fees, it can be hard to tell exactly what your insurance actually provides.

Dental savings plans, such as the Cavity-Free VIP Program, can simplify things by clearly stating exactly what treatments are and aren’t covered, and the helpful team at Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry is on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

Things to Know When Choosing a Dental Savings Plan for Your Child

There are some important considerations when selecting a dental savings plan to help you find the right plan that meets your family’s dental needs.

Understand the Plan Limitations

While dental savings plans can offer discounts on procedures, they also come with limitations to be aware of before enrolling. Some common restrictions include:

  • Using the plan along with separate dental insurance may not be allowed.
  • The plan may not be transferable between siblings. Each child may need their own plan.
  • Certain dental services may not be covered.

Make sure that you review the fine print to ensure the plan aligns with your child’s needs and doesn’t come with surprise loopholes.

Dental Savings Plans May be Limited to Certain Dentists

Some dental savings plans are specific to certain dentists, so they can’t cover visits to any other dental practice. Other plans are through dental savings companies with networks of dentists. With these network plans, check that your pediatric dentist is in the network before signing up.

Otherwise, you’ll pay full price instead of the discounted rate. Any adults in the family would also need a separate dental savings plan provided by the practice they visit, or dental insurance, to receive financial assistance with dental procedures.

Dental care is vital for children’s health, but the costs can make access a challenge for families. Deciding between dental savings plans, dental insurance, or other alternatives will ultimately come down to carefully weighing the pros and cons and aligning with each family’s unique needs and budget.

Dental savings plans offer an affordable alternative to dental insurance that allows kids to get the preventive and routine care they need. With routine exams and preventive care, kids can build lifelong healthy habits and avoid larger dental issues down the road.

At Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry, we offer the Cavity-Free VIP program as an alternative to dental insurance. The quality and customizability of care and the cost-efficiency of our unique dental savings plan makes it a fantastic option for most families who may struggle to otherwise afford dental care.

Learn more about our Cavity-Free VIP program here or give us a call at 337-443-9944 with any questions you may have!